CCI Safety Screen Installation – Retire Australia

In 2018, Retire Australia engaged CCI to design and construct a safety fence on the boundary of the 10th hole of Gold Coast Burleigh GC, to protect a future retirement complex on the adjacent property.

A trajectory study was then completed to determine the length and height of the proposed barrier. The results of this study deemed that a barrier of 37m in height was required from existing heights of the holes tee-off area. As these tee areas were to be lowered by approximately 4m, the effective height required was then 33m. The length of the structure (stage 1) was 285m long.

Retire Australia opted to construct the barrier at a finished height of 30m, with the footings being designed to accept a further extension of 6m in height, if required.

As the building was to be in close proximity of the golf course boundary, the barrier footings were to be done by the construction company (Hutchinson’s), in conjunction with the building footings. This was to negate any compromise to the screen footings at a later date.

The barrier comprised multi-facetted tapered steel poles and the Dyneema golf net from Netex in Canada, the sheerest and strongest net of its type in the world.

Work commenced early in the project timeline, as to allow for protection of construction staff from golf course activities. Working in conjunction with at least three other subcontractors in the same area was challenging, but CCI managed to complete the project in under three weeks, well ahead of schedule.

Retire Australia are very happy with the result, and stage 2 is already being scheduled in for an additional 75m to protect further amenities on the development.

Building Process :

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