In 2016, CCI – Safety Netting partnered in Netex Canada, in project at the prestigious Royal Melbourne Golf Club. Using Netex engineered sports poles and strong – yet virtually transparent – Dyneema® netting, in co-operation we designed and constructed a free-standing golf barrier structure 18m tall by 100m wide. It is sleek, structurally sound system, with no guy wires or support poles necessary.

When the Royal Melbourne was chosen to host the 2019 PGA Presidents Cup, the golf club turned, once again, to CCI – Safety Netting and Netex to prepare, and extended the existing barrier structure to 26m high. Since the addition was not foreseen in the planning of the original structure, our engineering team designed a new structural solution that could be incorporated with the original one. The existing Netex engineered sports poles allowed our team to engineer a pole and netting addition that looks as though the integration was completely pre planned.
The results were clear and performed pre-tournament time just for the best players in the world.

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