Golf is an extremely popular sport that has grown in the number of players per week at almost every course across the country.

It requires a large playing area, that can be a variety of configurations from driving ranges that are popularly gamified to traditional golf courses. 

Most of these courses consist of vast expanses of green, bunkers, and water hazards. While these features make the game exciting, they also pose a risk to the players, spectators, and surrounding areas. That’s where golf course safety screens and netting come in.

Golf course netting is a crucial safety consideration for golf course architects and golf clubs alike. As the exclusive importers of two industry-leading options; Redden multifilament polyester barrier netting and Dyneema netting, CCI – Safety Netting is committed to providing customers with quality products and a complete service offering.

At CCI Safety Fencing, we provide top-quality golf safety netting solutions that protect both players and spectators, prevent stray balls from damaging property, and improve the overall aesthetics of the course.


CCI Safety Netting provides customers with a comprehensive end-to-end golf netting service, from an initial site assessment through to ongoing maintenance and everything in between. 

Initial site review – If your club is having ball containment issues, simply get in touch and we’ll come and review the site.

Launch Analytics reporting – After reviewing your site, we’ll engage an independent partner to create a comprehensive Launch Analytics report to decide what sort of structure will best solve your problem based on the playability of the hole and key golf ball flight data.

Customised designs – Our engineers use the Launch Analytics report findings to determine how to best build your netting structure. This design process considers geotechnical information, wind data, topography, and climatic conditions that are unique to your site.

Construction – Once the design is complete, we engage a qualified team to build your netting structure and assist you in choosing which type of netting is right for you.

Maintenance – Periodic maintenance inspections are proven to increase the longevity and condition of your safety netting. Using a combination of Drone technology and Elevated Work Platforms, CCI – Safety Netting can inspect and provide you with a report detailing the overall condition of your netting structure. From this report, we will then work with you to implement a maintenance plan, to ensure you achieve the net’s optimum lifespan.

Why is Golf Fencing Important?

Golf is a sport that requires high levels of accuracy and precision. Players use different clubs to hit balls of various sizes and weights across the course. However, the game can be dangerous as stray balls can cause severe injuries to players, and spectators, or damage surrounding property.

Safety netting can help prevent accidents by creating a barrier between the playing area and the spectators. It can also protect surrounding properties such as buildings and vehicles from damage caused by stray balls. Furthermore, it can improve the aesthetics of the golf course by blending in with the surroundings while providing an unobtrusive and effective barrier.


At CCI Safety Fencing, we provide various types of golf course safety netting solutions such as:

Golf Driving Net: Driving ranges are an essential feature of golf courses that require a specialised type of netting. Our golf driving net solutions are specifically designed to withstand the force of high-speed balls while preventing them from hitting surrounding areas.

Golf Barrier Netting: Golf Barrier netting is an excellent option for areas where players and spectators are in close proximity. This type of netting can prevent balls from flying into spectator areas or hitting other players.

Golf Safety Netting: Golf safety netting provides an effective barrier while blending in with the natural surroundings of the course. It can be used to protect surrounding properties, roadways, or public space limiting the area where balls can go, and preventing injury to players and spectators.

Types of Golf Course netting

Polyester netting

For more than 30 years, CCI – Safety Netting has been supplying Australian golf clubs with quality polyester netting. Redden USA customises panels of netting to the exact specifications of a customer, making it one of the best choices for high-safety screening in the world.

Polyester netting has a higher resistance to UV light, and water absorption and is less likely to droop than nylon and polypropylene netting options. Even after being exposed to water, polyester netting retains 100 percent of its original strength. These factors leave no doubt that after decades in the market, polyester is still one of the leading options for high-barrier netting.

Dyneema netting

CCI – Safety Netting’s premium golf safety netting option is our world-first Dyneema netting.

Dyneema is a strong ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene fiber, which offers maximum strength with minimum weight. It is 15 times stronger than steel at the same weight and has a high resistance to UV, making it the perfect choice for safety screens exposed to the elements. Dyneema is at the premium end of fibers that are used for high-barrier netting and is regarded as the lightest and strongest net of its type. At a minimum of 96 percent sheerness, it’s not only a strong safety choice but is almost translucent, making it a less invasive and more attractive option. With a low wind load rating of eight percent, the design development of Dyneema has allowed us to push the boundaries to record-breaking net heights in Australia of 36 meters.

In accordance with engineered plans, CCI – Safety Nettings’ custom slender design poles are specific for each site requirement and spaced widely apart to reduce cost and the visual impact of the screens.

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