Topgolf Gold Coast Storm Damage Repairs.

ASTMA Bronze Partner Country Club International undertook one of its more challenging assignments recently as part of a major repair operation for one of Gold Coast’s leading golfing facilities.

Topgolf, which opened in 2018 and is part of the Village Roadshow Theme Parks precinct in Oxenford, was badly damaged when cyclonic winds ripped through the region on Christmas Eve. As well as causing widespread damage to properties and infrastructure, including several golf clubs, the extensive safety netting that fully encloses the Topgolf facility was also ripped, forcing Village to close the doors during one of its busiest periods of operation.

Throughout January and February, the team from Country Club International ( CCI Fencing ), including engineers and installers, worked around the clock to repair the damaged netting. Working in conjunction with LFS Sports Netting USA, which supplies Golf Saftey Netting for all Topgolf facilities worldwide and with whom Country Club International has an agreement, they were able to custom order the specialised nets and have them air-freighted to Australia in mid-January ready for installation.

Standing 52 meters high and 19m wide, the Topgolf nets on the Gold Coast rank as the largest in Australia and require specialist equipment in order to carry out the repair work. All netting panels were replaced as part of the job which took just under a month to complete. The project involved more than 1000 man hours, 300 crane hours, and 700 boom hours, including the use of a 180-foot straight boom lift. In total, 22,952m2 of netting (476 lineal meters) was replaced, with the facility reopening on 23 February.

Country Club International is a major supplier to the golf industry for over 30 years and has erected many safety netting systems at golf clubs across Australia. For more information on the company’s safety netting products head to our contact form! or call us on 1300 138 804

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