CCI Safety Netting was established in 1992 and has been at the forefront of developing some of the most advanced designs and engineering systems for safety screens in Australia, New Zealand and South East Asia.

Golf probably presents some of the most interesting and diverse challenges for high safety screens with the golf ball having the highest non propelled trajectory of any sporting equipment component in the world – often with little control!

Compounding that we have golf courses and ranges built right across the topographic and geographic spectrum with screens needed to protect adjacent residences in cyclone ravaged Darwin, up to 53m high nets to fully contain a multi level range in Queensland, 36m high screens on major roads in Sydney and even nets up to 36m high to separate a busy range from adjacent golf holes in Perth.

Much of the technology had originally been based on systems used in USA and Europe where extreme conditions including snow storms and hurricanes have demanded “World’s best practice” in both design and componentry.

Whilst much of the rigging and netting are still sourced by CCI from there, our Australian engineers have now taken fencing design to another level and these screens would be regarded today as the best in the world.

The same CCI quality and design principles have evolved into a number of other sporting and industrial applications, with our range now including:

  • Golf course high safety netting
  • Golf driving range perimeter netting
  • Baseball backstop and perimeter netting
  • AFL football back screens
  • Soccer back screens
  • Landfill litter containment
  • High rise construction safety nets


There is no greater example of Country Club’s motto “Supplying the best. Nothing less” than the work now being done by CCI Safety Netting in multiple industries. It has genuinely raised the bar world-wide.


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The Process

Reach Out

Contact CCI – Safety Netting to discuss your personalised requirement or site related issue. Let us digest and help review the solution available with our Custom options.


Once CCI – Safety Netting have digested the custom brief from our clients, our team of designers get to work, paying close consideration to your requirements, site specific information such as geotechnical advice, wind loading and general aspects.


With an agreed solution CCI - Safety Netting as part of our full “Design and Construct” package will delivery your project