How CCI Are Leading the Way in Golf Safety Net Construction

After two and a half years working together, Burleigh Golf Club and RetireAustralia were pleased with the launch of the retirement village project that adjoined their site in Burleigh.

This agreement will demonstrate in the future, the development of underutilised sport and recreation land which can deliver excellent community and living outcomes for retirees. Also featured are options as pursed at Burleigh with the purpose-built suites for golf course members!

The project has been carefully planned out and sited on the land at the edge of the course, in order to minimise the impact it has on the surround residences.

CCI – Safety Fencing were contacted by the development team Hutchinson Construction to design a safety netting system that would ensure once the properties were developed no tenant would be at risk. . The design of this particular safety fence is at the forefront of those in its likeness. At 36 metres in height and over a 200 metres this totally engineered Safety Screen is one of the largest constructed in Queensland, Australia. 

Most of this technology was based on safety fence system used in USA and Europe. Places where the extreme nature of the conditions calls for a demand in ‘best practice’ of both design and componentry.

CCI commission Probable Golf USA to provide trajectory studies in order to determine or confirm the danger areas and help assess any alternative solutions. The containment of clubs projectiles “balls” is often seen as the reasonable course of action. Total containment is sometimes demanded when an incident occurs or a new development emerges.

We’ve seen in the news recently the issues courses may face without the right netting products in place.

Channel Nine Reporter Steve Marshall interviewed a man who was smacked squarely in the forehead by a flying golf ball after he parked in his driveway.

The ball came from a remorseful golfer playing on the course next door, as his trajectory was slightly off.

“His brush with death has raised serious safety concerns and divided the peaceful community” said Steve. “The course is surrounded by a gated community of upmarket homes and town houses. “

This begs to answer the question of whether it’s the responsibility of the golf club to contain the projectiles within the confines of their property?

Find a solution before this becomes an issue!

When we think of Country Club’s motto “Supplying the best. Nothing less”, there is no greater example of this than the work completed by CCI – Safety Fencing for; councils, clubs and most of the golf/ sports Industry. Some of the tallest and longest high safety screens are naturally now separating golf courses from new freeways or public spaces for that reason.

Here are some relevant applications of our safety fencing:

  • Golf Netting for the course or golf range with the option to purpose construct a screen specific information provided from golf ball launch trajectory analytics.
  • Ball Stop Netting for the use in a variety of sports such as AFL, Soccer, Hockey, Rugby League, Cricket and Tennis.
  • General Protection Netting with demand high to protect people against various applications CCI – Safety Netting can help provide suitable custom options to cover most needs. From Children’s playground solutions, litter netting, bird netting and car protection.

CCI – Safety fencing exclusively imports Netex Dyneema and Redden multifilament polyester barrier netting – regarded as the lightest and strongest sport net safety netting worldwide. At up to and beyond 92% sheer these netting types are aesthetically better and are almost translucent.

The level of quality and strength of this at such a low wind load ratings, has allowed design and development to surpass anything every seen before. With screens up to 36 metres high (the tallest in Australia), using slender poles and increasing the width of pole spacing to significantly reduce visual impact of the screens.

Case Studies:

The Rabbit Proof Fence might be the longest fence in Australia, but the new Eastlink Freeway, which opened in Melbourne in June, now boasts Australia’s highest fence.

Bordering the Ringwood Golf Course adjacent to Eastlink and Canterbury Road in Ringwood, the safety screen designed to stop errant golf balls from the course towers at over 30 metres high for almost 500 metres.

Methodist Ladies College in Melbourne sought out our help as they required a solution to protect adjacent windows from the impact of Hockey balls.

After CCI – Safety Netting were finished, they were left with a custom build to meet the specific needs in this case. Ultimately to protect these windows from anymore projectiles.

If you’re looking for a perfect custom solution for your needs, contact our team to find out more. We develop designs and systems for high safety screens in Australia, New Zealand and South East Asia.

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