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CCI – Safety Netting’s range of industrial netting options are custom-designed and engineered to suit the unique conditions of the location we’re servicing. When we undertake an installation, we review the site thoroughly and prepare a geotechnical report, which includes wind loading analysis and other site-specific requirements.

Debris netting

Our debris netting keeps workers on construction and building sites safe. It’s installed to prevent any loose building material that is blown from the site from endangering the lives of workers or anyone nearby.

Bird netting

Our bird netting keeps rogue birds out of hard-to-reach places. Designed specifically to endure the harsh Australian sun, our nets prevent birds getting into places you don’t want to have to access later on, like air conditioning units or roofs.

Landfill litter netting

Our landfill litter netting meets all environmental regulations when it comes to achieving total containment of refuse centres and land fill sites. While some soil conditions at these types of sites can make it challenging to install fully engineered structures, we’ve got proven experience constructing litter netting at record-breaking heights.

What our nets are made from

CCI – Safety Netting’s premium industrial range is made using world-first Dyneema netting, with varied pole design. Dyneema is a strong ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene fibre, which offers maximum strength with minimum weight. It’s 15 times stronger than steel at the same weight and has a high resistance to UV, making it the perfect choice for safety screens exposed to the elements.

Dyneema is at the premium end of fibres that are used for high barrier netting and is regarded as the lightest and strongest net of its type. At a minimum of 96 per cent sheerness, it’s not only a strong safety choice, but is almost translucent, making it a less invasive and more attractive option. With a low wind load rating of eight per cent, design development of Dyneema has allowed us to push the boundaries to record-breaking net heights in Australia of 36 metres.
In accordance with engineered plans, CCI – Safety Netting’s custom slender design poles are specific for each site requirement and spaced widely apart to reduce cost and the visual impact of the screens.

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