Environmental regulations have forced the development of litter screen fencing for refuse centres and land fill sites from what have been relatively low, temporary fences in the past to substantial, fully engineered structures designed to achieve virtual total containment even in the most adverse conditions.

The difficulties with high litter screens in these environments are significant. Quite often the soil conditions are not conducive to solid footings yet the potential wind loads on the screens can be massive when factoring in nets being covered in litter during extreme events.

Cleanaway in Ravenhall, Melbourne experienced a breach that made media headlines and drew the ire of the EPA when their original screen was breached and litter was strewn for kilometres onto adjacent properties.

A long term solution was required and CCI Safety Fencing was consulted to design and construct the highest fully engineered litter containment screen in Australia.

With a solid volcanic rock shelf only 1m below ground it dictated significant pad footings supporting a pole & back-brace structure to withstand wind loads from 50%-100% coverage on the nets without resorting to external support lateral guy cabling which severely restricts long term maintenance.

High tensile hard drawn cable rigging was used to hold the netting and support the full loads.

The netting itself is an extremely strong and light European polyester with individual panels between poles allowing relatively simple and economical replacement in the future if substantial damage was incurred.

The main pole design has a 2m “crank” on top to negate litter being able to creep up and over the screen – a design feature proven in similar environments in USA and Europe.

The long term functionality of this engineered design using the best materials and features available sets the benchmark for the future of litter screen fencing.


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