We design, build and install the world’s most advanced sports netting systems

In 1992, when CCI – Safety Fencing explored the net-building options to the Australian market we gathered expertise through our partners in the sports netting industry, our goal was simple: to build a better sports net. Since then, we’ve not only built a better net, we’ve built a better system. We focused on the details – from durability to visibility – developed installation methods that made our nets last longer and look better, and designed net support structures that lead the industry for clean, low-maintenance design and flexible application.

We offer a complete solution: engineering, installation, equipment

CCI – Safety Fencing offers a complete engineering design, supply, and installation solution – using netting and net support structures that are stronger and more durable than other systems on the market. Due to the way we design our systems, they are the most low-maintenance system on the market with the widest available spans between poles!

From design to install, CCI – Safety Netting offers more than 50 years of combined experience in sport netting and engineered net support structures.

We’re trusted by the pros to do the job right

You’ll find our products on on golf courses around the world, including Australia’s Royal Melbourne Golf Club and Metropolitan Golf Club, hosts of the 2019 President’s Cup, and 2018 PGA World Cup of Golf, respectively.

Litter sites for companies like Cleanaway, along with a multiple of other sports such as baseball, soccer, hockey and AFL.

We Do The Research, So That You Have The Numbers

We’ve done the research and testing to make it easy for your planning department, architect, or engineer to design a project using our systems. From certified wind tunnel test results, to engineering certifications for break and burst strengths, CCI – Safety Fencing can provide your team with accurate base moment loads for any structure, along with wind resistance ratings.

Our research and test results save you time, and ensure the safety of any system we design.

We’re constantly looking for better ways to keep your game in play.

When golf barrier netting needed a better aesthetic, we partnered with Netex to supply the #6 Dyneema barrier net with the lowest wind resistance in the world. Netex was the first to develop the #15 Dyneema backstop net – a near-invisible, double-knotted backstop net. It’s the thinnest gauge backstop net mesh that can contain a pitch travelling up to 104 miles per hour. (Netex the only company to ever test our backstop netting at a pro-sports affiliated and approved, testing lab.)
Like you, we want to stay at the top of our game – so, if we see an opportunity to do something better, we do it. It’s earned us a reputation as experts and innovators who insist on quality in everything they do – and it’s made us one of the world’s leading sports netting installers.

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We offer solutions from design and engineering to install.

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