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CCI – Safety Netting offers two different pole options – steel or timber and which option you go with is entirely your choice. Both products are slender in look and uniquely engineered to the specifications required on each site.

Our range of timber poles are perfect for a budget-conscious customer looking for a quality product. Yet limitations do come into play when it comes to height and the transportation of the product.

However, if you’re looking for a pole that will last a lifetime, with a need to exceed heights up to 36 meteres then there is no real option other than our steel poles. When you choose a steel pole, it includes:

  • A steel mill certificate.
  • A comprehensive welding inspection, including the circumferential welds to the base plates, fillet welds and butt welds.
  • A paint inspection, including quality assurance documents provided by the painter.
  • Drawings and calculations sealed by an Australian registered professional engineer.

All pending our engineers requirements